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Turn Your Child's Art Into Products You Can Keep Forever

Hurry! Closes on March 26, 2021

Through SilverGraphics, your child's artwork can be printed on a wide array of products from cups and keychains to face masks and bags. It's easy!

  1. Have your child create their own unique art (see guidelines below)

    • Note: Trademarked characters or images are NOT legally allowed​

  2. Take a photo of the art and save as a JPG or PNG file (3 MB or less)

  3. Go to 

  4. Enter the appropriate school code (see below)

  5. Select your child's grade

  6. Click the "Upload New Art" button to upload art

  7. Order your keepsake items

  8. Products will be shipped directly to your home


Go to:

Enter PV school access code: PSart21

(NOTE: Access code is case sensitive!)


Go to:

Enter PV school access code: JKSart21


(NOTE: Access code is case sensitive!)

Not Sure What to Create? Here Are Some Art Ideas!


Visit for size and material guidelines and ideas or consider these suggestions:


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